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Let's talk real-world problems.... how about chafing?

Oh my word? Really??? Yep, I'm going there. Chafing is the body's natural response to skin to skin friction. If you are active, or becoming active, you've likely experienced it at some point. It can make grown men cry like little girls, and stop ya in your tracks real quick-like.

We have a couple options for soothing that angy, hard-working skin. Lavender oil is widely known to be one of the skin's favorite essential oils. Apply topically, dilute with a bit of carrier oil, like olive oil if needed. Young Living's Rose Ointment is the thickest ointment I've ever met. It's "a restorative protective skin ointment that moisturizes and locks in the benefits of essential oils." Together, lavender and rose ointment tag team to provide much needed relief and get you moving again!

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