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Chiropractic: More than Pain!

My education as a Registered Dietitian was heavily based upon medical treatments of disease. In a clinical setting, where someone's life depends on you properly calculating nutritional needs, that training is paramount. Shortly after graduation, my husband and I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, so he could attend Chiropractic school, and I began my career working in a hospital south of Atlanta covering ortho and neuro floors. Needless to say, my work was founded in the allopathic model of health. When I told people my husband was in school to be a Chiropractor, they would inevitably say, “Oh, my neck…” or “Oh, my back…” I, too, thought that was all chiropractic had to offer. Since those early days in 2006, I have learned the true value of chiropractic care. 

A recent study in 2015 presented findings that show just how prevalent abnormal spinal health is to the average person WITHOUT the necessity of pain or symptoms.  

Ø  37% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have disc degeneration. 96% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it.

Ø  30% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have bulging discs. 84% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it.

Ø  29% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have disc protrusion (a kind of herniated disc). 40% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it.

Ø  19% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have annular fissure (a tear in the tissue filling intervertebral space).

Ø  29% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it.

American Journal of Neuroradiology 2015 Apr;36(4):811-6

This article lays a foundation for validating the necessity for all infants, children, and adults to be assessed by a chiropractor on a regular basis to prevent abnormal spinal biomechanics which are known to have significant neurological implications! Abnormal spinal biomechanics, labeled subluxation by Chiropractors, can be present in the absence of symptoms.

Further studies have shown that proper spinal biomechanics can lead to improved immune function, improved digestion, and even improved behavioral disorders. Every man, woman, and child should be checked for subluxation. Don’t be fooled by the belief that Chiropractic is just for pain, it’s NOT. Chiropractic focus is on maintaining a healthy nervous system so your body can operate and heal the way it is designed, - perfectly!