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Do I have any adrenaline junky friends?

If you are like me, you've enjoyed the rush and you have likely paid the price with THE CRASH a time or two. Some of the benefits of adrenaline are no feelings of pain and increased energy. The downside comes when that adrenaline stops pumping and your body goes into recovery mode.

After 30 days and 5300 miles on the road, we returned home a couple days ago and my body is screamin' at me. We stayed on the go and did a ton of hiking - don't let this bunch of little girls fool you, they are hard-core adventurers. We saw lots of friends, I worked hard, and didn't sleep nearly enough.

Yersterday, my chiropractor started the work of putting me back together. It took her longer to work on me than 4 others put together. It was so much fun, I went back for round 2 today. Good chiros are gems - find a good one and hold tight.

I've also been hitting these guys hard. BLM is clinically shown to support healthy cartilage and joint health. Agilease supports the body's response to acute inflammation in healthy folks and promotes healthy joint flexibility and mobility. And Endoflex supports healthy hormone function and make my adrenals happy again.

Here's to the next adventure, my friends! Until then, rest and take care of that body!