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Dear Winter,

Dear Winter,

My heat just kicked on. Really? This is May 5th in Birmingham, Alabama. A high of 50 degrees??? I can’t even. There’s a reason I live in the south - cuz I like it HOT! 

Do you know what tonight is? Band Banquet. It’s banquet number 13 for us at The Oak. My kids have spent the last 2 weeks coordinating our family’s attire for the social event of the year. (Yes, it’s a thing they do.) Every night for 2 weeks, I’ve been told what I’ll be wearing - summer dresses of blue. Yeah. They had a meltdown this morning when I told them I was going in a band hoodie, yoga pants and furry boots. Thanks for that. Speaking of clothes, every mama south of the Mason-Dixon line has swapped out her kids’ clothing for the seasons. Do you know how much fun that is? Well, now their kids are freezing at recess because of you hijacking our legit spring. Nice.

You throttled this Charlestonian all those years we lived in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I saw what you did on Lake Eric. Snow that doesn’t count as snow because it’s “lake effect” is still rotten when it goes on every stinkin’ day October until June. I saw kids all excited to roll around in snow and stuff. I know what snow really is. Frozen water. Yep. And the only frozen water I like is the ice floating in my glass of tea. It was so traumatic that this 8-year-old little self swore I’d never go back. Well, my kids have visited nearly all of the continental United States, but not Ohio.

My daddy JUST planted baby tomato plants in our garden, and Livie and I JUST planted tiny pepper plants and green bean seed. Don’t EVEN think about it.

These nails are my feeble attempt to remind my brain that it really is spring while you do your thing today. On my feet, yeah, those are handmade wool socks. They were in a drawer I don't touch from April through October, because it's suppose to be blazing hot here in Bama. Oh, this bottle of Stress Away? Smells like a day at the beach and I have 3 diffusers cranking it out right now. And guess what! I’m drinking a cup of coffee. Know when I last drank a cup of coffee? 90 some days ago when I gave it up for a 90 day wellness challenge. Lovely.

The next time I see you better be on the Ownby Family Roadtrip on top of some mountain in a National Park. Make no mistake, though. We are not friends.


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