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Happy to meet you!


I’m Laura and I'm a wellness educator, math teacher, homeschooler, gypsy gene carrier, color lover, non-shy introvert, and type A-er turned let-it-go-er.

(Well, kind of, let’s not get carried away).

I love to learn and enjoy challenging myself to DO HARD THINGS daily.

The morning quiet of my little urban garden in Birmingham, Alabama, makes my heart happy.


My Man

Kevin and band.jpg

My high school sweetheart, Kevin, is my husband. Kev is the high school band director for 220+ awesome students and much of our day-to-day life involves our band family, past and current.

We are passionate about helping children, teenagers and young adults do amazing things.

We believe in investing in generations.


Our Girls


These four little beauties call us “Mama and Daddy”.

We are here to nurture, educate, and empower them to dream big and fulfill their purposes on this earth. We find so much joy in showing them the world and its blessings.


What are we doing here?

Kevin and band.jpg

This blog is a home for the thoughts, ideas, and wishes racing through my mom brain. I’m sure you’ll understand, our children and the tribe of grandbabies we hope to have one day get the front-row seats for this show. I’ll be sharing our adventures (ahem, lessons learned) in raising our girls and road tripping, healthy and simple nutrition, and wellness for the large family. I believe no day is complete without color and gorgeous handmade treasures, so I’m sure to scatter those posts like pixie dust. Finally, if you believe in miracles, you are our kind of people and we want you on this journey with us.


Let's be friends!

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A big ol’ virtual hug to ya!

Come on by for a visit anytime!

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