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Young Living Essential Oils


Are you ready to take ownership of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial wellness? We’re here to help you! Active members in our Young Living family receive all of the benefits and perks described below, as well as access to our “Member Appreciation” page for ongoing oily education and support and our “Diamonds in the Making” for training on business management. The friendships you find with Young Living are a big-time BONUS (and truthfully, they are the reason I’m here.) We would be honored to assist you along this wellness journey and hope you will remember us when you are ready to try out Young Living!

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we answer. 


Essential oils are powerful liquids plants release in response to toxins or injuries. Because the human body is made of the same fundamental elements as plants (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen), essential oils have the ability to support and promote wellness in the human body just like they do in plants.


Young Living is THE gold standard of the world of essential oils. As the leader of the essential oil industry for over 20 years, Young Living is the only company to offer the Seed to Seal Guarantee, assuring the world that our oils are produced in better than organic conditions, harvested at the prime time to insure optimal therapeutic benefits of the oils, distilled at flawless temperature and pressure, and bottled without the use of any synthetic, start to finish. Young Living is the only essential oil company that grows its own plants for distillation on company owned and managed farms. Feel free to visit any YL farm anytime to see for yourself. Overall, YL is the only essential oil we consider safe enough for our children, and for yours.

The Premium Starter Kit

We highly recommend this toolbox of essential oils as the way to go in getting started on your oily journey!

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The kit is $160, and it includes over $300 in product. Woot!!!

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Yep, ANYONE can get the awesome wholesale member perks, and there's absolutely no obligation ever with Young Living.

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REady to Jump in with both Feet?

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After selecting your kit, select one of these 3 great sets for ESSENTIAL REWARDS to fast track your path to VITALITY.

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Raindrop Technique $134.75


Focus: Relief

Has your body been working too hard for too long.

Raindrop, raindrop, raindrop. Get these oils on your body. You'll find a beautiful explanation of the entire technique inclosed in the set, but start with simply dropping on your feet or the back of your neck once per week. Just get them on your body, and apply this protocol up to 4 times per month for best results.


Ningxia Red Essential REwards kit $181.50


Focus: Nutrition

Are you looking to clean up your nutrition and support cell health? Ningxia Red is the way to go. 


Thieves Essential Rewards Kit $115.00


Focus: Removing harsh chemicals from the home and work space

Are you tired of being surrounded by products that are known to be toxic, as in harmful to the endocrine and respiratory systems and dangerous for cellular health?

Clear out the biggest offenders in one fell swoop with the Thieves Kit.

Yes, Essential Rewards really IS as awesome as it sounds. Our members LOVE it!

Yes, Essential Rewards really IS as awesome as it sounds. Our members LOVE it!