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Friends I Admire

Take a look at the women I'm blessed to call my friends. Oh, I know they are a pretty lot! Maybe they *just* look like *moms*. (We go by Mama or Momma, y'all.) There's no doubt they are beautiful, gentle, loving and nurturing.

There's another side of these women, though. They've been through hell and high water to find a place of wellness for their children, husbands, themselves, and now, others. They've searched, and prayed, and searched and prayed some more... until they found solutions for challenges that had "no other options". They are some of the fiercest wellness warriors I know. We are here as proof that there is healing to be found.

I'm so thankful to have them in my life. They inspire and encourage me every day, and I'm so excited for you to know them.

Laura b281.jpg

Laura Ownby

Who is Laura?

Laura is a graduate of Samford University and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a certified secondary mathematics teacher with 20 years experience teaching in public and private schools and colleges. Laura has homeschooled her own children for 10 years and has expertise in the field of Educational Psychology.

Laura is a Young Living Essential Oils Platinum leader, the founder of The Drop Stop, a health and wellness educator and blogger. She's a realistic optimist and loves watching miracles happen every day.

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Jen Cuti

Jen is a wellness educator, entrepreneur and business owner, Mom of three, homeschooler to one, music maker, teacher, and lover of all things with strings, as well as a fanatic of anything on wheels (especially two).  

As a former motorcycle mechanic turned Mom morphed into chemical-free-living activist and wellness educator, it is Jen is committed to helping others find happiness, harmony, and success in their lives.  The only thing between you and your dreams is YOU!  

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Paige Dykes

A lover of all things natural and wonderfully made by God. A health and wellness educator, holistic dietitian, and lover of Young Living Essential Oils. My passion is to educate and inspire people to take back control of their health. I'm an extroverted introvert who loves checklists and structure. I enjoy setting goals and seeing them accomplished, and I love helping others excel in faith, health, and abundance.

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Amber Self

My passion is to help families find wellness naturally and experience life to the fullest. I love meeting new people, finding solutions, sharing natural living on a budget, flowers, and spending time with my family. Those who know me have heard me say many times, "There's an oil for that!"

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Cathy Cartagena

For more than 25 years, Cathy has worked in the health fields of research and preventive medicine. Cathy is currently in school to incorporate holistic nutrition & medicine into her life and work. She is a founder of "Mi Salud Importa Cada Día"/"My Health Matters Every Day" and she seeks to educate the community about health and wellness in a safe and natural way. Cathy is a dedicated Young Living health and wellness educator.

Puerto Rican, Cathy is passionate about life and her children, family and friends. She's a lover of learning, well-being, and sharing. On her days off, Cathy enjoys good reading and her lovely pets, Cody and Chanel.

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Caryn Koppenhoeffer

Caryn lives in Maryland with her three children ages 9, 5, and 2, and their cat, Sugar. A lover of God, people, and all living things, Caryn is always striving to find ways to help others and improve the health and wellness of those around her. Always curious, Caryn loves to learn new things and explore the world around her. In addition to working with chiropractic offices and at her children’s Montessori school, Caryn is Wellness Educator with Young Living.

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