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Business and
Leadership Training


This area will include a series of modules that will help you grow a sustainable, thriving Young Living family business.

With 4 years of experience and over 5,000 families on this journey with us, we are ABLE and BLESSED to help you do this business well.

My role as a leader is to help you make smart and efficient use of your time, energy, and resources.

Is your heart saying, "Let's do this," but your mind is saying, "But"?


We've heard all about buts.

If you have a willing servant heart, you can knock this ball out of the park.

Don't know where or how to start? We can help.

Feeling stuck? Look here.

Want some inspiration and new ideas for providing excellent member care? We got that, too.


Check back often!


Web Design for YL Leaders

In this class, Scott Fisk teaches how to create a simple website using SquareSpace SPECIFICALLY FOR OUR YL TEAM! Scott is the Chair of the Art Department at Samford University and a professional graphic and web designer. He is the mastermind behind my website,, and our team members-only area there. Scott and I worked together for several months, going over the specific needs of Young Living members and our community. He hashed through loads of research to create the BEST option possible, and I’m so grateful for the many hours of instruction he patiently provided me with so I am capable of maintaining the website on my own.

Now, he’s going to teach YOU the basics of online marketing and branding, graphic design, and website development.


Young living by the numbers: Fan the Flame

In this class, YL Platinum Laura Rice Ownby explains how to grow from new member to Senior Star FAST. This model, when duplicated over and over, places the priority on the advancement of your downline members and is the fastest path to take you to Royal Crown Diamond rank. That's what we consider a win-win.



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